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Why is the club name SnomadS spelled that way?

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Here is your answer… straight from a lifetime member and past board member, Chuck Ham. (Thanks Chuck)

“This happened a year or so before I joined SnomadS so this is just a guess, but it is a guess we have followed ever since I can remember. I believe it was an artistic decision made when designing the SnomadS logo for our original banners. The cap on the back of the logo provides “formal” balance when used with the fairly heavy stroke weight(and distinctive feel) of the Gilles Gothic typeface. Try printing off a sample of any script font without using a cap on the end of SnomadS, you will see the name appears “off balance”. This is especially important when the word stands alone as SnomadS would on a banner. The off balance look is not apparent when used in a body of text. I don’t know who had final approval of the typeface and design, but a few other banners were made using variations of Times Roman style typeface. None of the others seemed (to me at least)to have the impact and style of the Gilles Gothic. I believe Linny Fine was the designer and maker of the original banner, and was given an honorary membership for his numerous efforts on behalf of the club.”

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