Ride Ratings – General Guidelines

The following three categories will be used to define riding styles for the club events this season.

Class A:

Speeds often above 50 mph, extended distances of 125-200 miles per day, infrequent hourly breaks, full day of riding with likely night travel.

Class B:

Speeds between 30-50 mph, moderate distances of 75-125 miles per day, 1-2 breaks per hour, occasional sightseeing, primarily daylight travel.

Class C:

Speeds between 20-40 mph, distances of 50-75 miles per day, frequent breaks, frequent sightseeing opportunities, daylight travel.

Changes that can happen are as follows:

A large group can be split up into smaller groups and each group leader can designate how they are going to lead their group. At that point a group might wish to conduct the ride with more an A rating style, or B rating style, etc.

Does that mean you can’t change groups after you decide if that group is too slow or too fast? No, not at all. If the groups decide to meet somewhere in common for lunch, you can head out with whatever group you feel comfortable with riding with.

Family rides are usually designated as Class C rides. However that doesn’t mean it is a slow ride. That means that a Family ride will be conducted in accordance to the safety of the riders.

The SnomadS DO NOT encourage riding beyond your ability to operate a snowmobile safely. You not only risk your own injury but those of other riders around you.

If you have any questions regarding ride ratings or how the SnomadS have come to use the categories, email us at


and a board member will answer your questions.