Our Mission and Who We Are


The MISSION of SnomadS Snofari Club is to promote and advance the sport of snowmobiling by providing a medium for the exchange of snowmobiling information; to develop a fraternal spirit among snowmobile enthusiasts; to serve the interests of our members through recreational and social activities; to serve the public by encouraging the safe and responsible operation of snowmobiles through education, safety training programs and by example; to encourage snowmobiling citizenship through civic projects and charitable activities.

Snomads Snofari Club is organized under the laws of the State of Michigan as a non-profit corporation.

SnomadS is a private non profit, social and fraternal organization dedicated to the advancement of the sport of snowmobiling.

In addition to social and recreational activities, our club supports charitable causes in the interest of public service and snowmobiling citizenship. SnomadS offers snowmobile safety classes through our DNR certified instructors and makes continuing safety and technical education available to our members and the public through classes and seminars.

Snowmobilers who subscribe to the aims, goals and ethics of SnomadS and who agree to abide by the By-Laws and rules of the club are eligible to apply for membership. We are constantly in search of snowmobilers who share our enthusiasm for this sport. Contact the club office at (248) 477-0940 to recieve a free membership kit and application by mail. SnomadS Snofari Club is an affiliated commercial member of the Michigan Snowmobile Association.

Be sure to check out our editorial, Riding with the SnomadS, to better understand what its like to ride with us.