General Club Questions

Why is the club name SnomadS spelled that way?

Here is your answer… straight from a lifetime member and past board member, Chuck Ham. (Thanks Chuck)

“This happened a year or so before I joined SnomadS so this is just a guess, but it is a guess we have followed ever since I can remember. I believe it was an artistic decision made when designing the SnomadS logo for our original banners. The cap on the back of the logo provides “formal” balance when used with the fairly heavy stroke weight(and distinctive feel) of the Gilles Gothic typeface. Try printing off a sample of any script font without using a cap on the end of SnomadS, you will see the name appears “off balance”. This is especially important when the word stands alone as SnomadS would on a banner. The off balance look is not apparent when used in a body of text. I don’t know who had final approval of the typeface and design, but a few other banners were made using variations of Times Roman style typeface. None of the others seemed (to me at least)to have the impact and style of the Gilles Gothic. I believe Linny Fine was the designer and maker of the original banner, and was given an honorary membership for his numerous efforts on behalf of the club.”

How do I check my membership status?

Call the club Secretary or club Treasurer for the latest update. If you have to leave a message, it helps if you provide your full name and a phone number for a call back.

What is the Message Board used for?

The message board is a medium for club members to share information, sell items, ask technical questions and chat with other members. It is sometimes used for last minute details for safety class information, scheduled rides or upcoming events. To RSVP for rides or find a list of upcoming events, please check out the event listings from the main menu.

How can I help at a Open House or Novi Club booth?

Contact Martin Foster the clubs booth coordinator for information on how you can help.

Contact the Webmaster and request further instructions, or log into the message board and review posted instructions.


Club Ride Questions

What does a Ride Coordinator do?

The Ride Coordinator develops a ride plan during the summer of where they wish to coordinate a ride. They decide on trails they are familiar with to offer the best ride to any member that shows up. Occasionally, they cover the same area that another ride might but the coordinator usually makes something about their ride unique. They have the job of working with the hotel to reserve a block of rooms, and are sometimes lucky enough to get a discounted rate. They also handle informing the membership of their ride plans (by creating an eye catching flyer with all the details ) and also work with the hotel to make it enjoyable for you, the member. Just before the ride they do call outs to help coordinate driving and rooming needs. During the ride they are busy with ride schedules and finding out where the snow might be or interesting sights. They plan lunch, find out where gas stops are. All the member has to do is show up.

What does the Assistant Ride Coordinator do?

They back up the Ride Coordinator. From helping with gathering the riders in certain groups depending on ride style or destination, to informing members of possible after ride dinner arrangements. They are the right hand man (or woman) for that Ride Coordinator so that every member can get the most out of their weekend.

How do I sign up for a ride?

Requirement: You have to be a member to sign-up for rides.
You are allowed one ride as a guest. Additional rides require membership. 1st: Go to the event calendar. Find the ride you wish to attend. Click on the RSVP button and fill out the form.2nd: Call the Motel and Reserve a room in your name. The Ride Coordinator as well as other members work with getting people and sleds to the ride destination. 3rd: Then just show up!

Are there other rides other than Scheduled Club Rides?

YES! Sometimes members will use the Message Board to coordinate smaller rides at another destination or at a different time. (i.e. Midweek rides or last minute rides).