Presidents Message

Summer 2013 – Presidents Message

Even though the calendar says July, it is time for the SnomadS to start thinking of the upcoming season. The Board of Directors held their first meeting of the season on June 19th. At that meeting we finalized the absentee balloting. We made plans for the locations of the General Membership Meeting and the Season […]

March 2013 – President’s Message

Due to a misprint on the return address for the bylaws ballots, the deadline to vote has been extended to April 1st. See the ballot and instructions on page 5 of this issue. The location and menu has been decided for the trails end party to be held on Saturday, April 13th, at Dobski’s Restaurant […]

January 2013 – President’s Message

One of the hot button issues that the Board has had to deal with this year has been the issue of absentee balloting. Once upon a time, the vast majority of the membership lived in the tri-county area and making the Annual General membership meeting was not a problem. Fast forward to 2011. With the […]

December 2012 – President’s Message

For years I’ve been asked, “Why can’t we receive the monthly Snomad electronically? The answer was that it wouldn’t print right in a booklet format, and the program used to produce the Snomad didn’t translate well out side of the written page. Well welcome to 2012. The Snomad is now available to you in a […]

November 2012 – Presidents Message

Can you feel it creeping into view? Working afternoons, I get a daily reminder of the upcoming season. Each evening, the sun sets a little farther south on the horizon. The leaves are all gone now. The purple and gold sunset on a pale blue canvas tells me that winter is not long off now. […]

October 2012 – Presidents Message

Happy October everyone. This is a very exciting time of year for all of us sledheads. We’re busy cleaning and replacing things in preparation for the upcoming snowmobile season which by all accounts promises to be a record year for snow. It’s also a very exciting time for us as Snomads. In less than three […]

September 2012 Presidents Message

We are now at the crossroads where our summer has come to an end. The heat wave is over, days are becoming cooler and more comfortable to live with; our nights are calling for us to put on that favorite sweater again. The kids are back in school, and the sweet smells of autumn are […]