Moosonee Ontario 2015

A Quest 3 Years in the Making. By Leigh Smith Editors note: This story may contain a couple bad words, because…well shit happens! February 14 Saturday                 7:00 am left the hotel, stopped at Tim Horton’s, 8:00 showed up to load our sleds on the train to Hawk Junction. www.agawacanyontourtrain.comTrain ride was very nice, bring […]

The 2015 Pink Ribbon Ride

On January 23rd and 24th Kim and I rode in Gaylord for the Pink Ribbon Riders. We had a great weekend riding and spending time with some very nice people. This weekend the attendance was down but everyone’s spirits were high. Before the event started on Friday night, Kim & I hooked up with Bill […]

2012 Kick Off Party Sets Fundraiser Record

Ever since I attended my first Season Kick Off party at the 300 Bowl on Cass Lake, I’ve been hooked. The year was 1995, as I descended the stairs to the small banquet room, it was like Christmas morning. There were helmets, jackets, gallons of oil, gloves, everything. The camaraderie was great, but oh those […]

Thank you to our Sponsors

On behalf of the Snomads Snofari Club We would like to thank all our sponsors this year! Their generous donations raised $2297 for our Charities! Their donations will affect the lives of many people. We thank each one and every one of them for their support. [one_half] Snow Tracker Caliber Vehicle City Sports MCB Performance […]

Snowy St. Ignace

The winter of 2011-12 will probably go down in history as the winter the Snomads set a record with ride cancellations. It started with the Shakedown Ride and continued on and off for most of the season. Seeing an opening the first weekend in March I decided to put together my first ride. I chose […]

Remembering Connie Duke

Back in 1984, five snowmobilers from the Waterford area decided on a whim, to write bylaws, petition for a charter from the MSA and become a snowmobile club. Because they rode from area to area in the U.P. and elsewhere they coined the term snofari style riding. And because they were constantly on the move, […]