To STUD or NOT ? (version 2015)

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To STUD or NOT ? (version 2015)

Post by ACX2 »

Picked up a 2015 SKI DOO BACKCOUNTRY 600. Has 1.75 paddle type track. SKI DOO ,Woodys ,etc. do not recommend to stud. However, woodys does make a 1.88 stud. which DEE'S Marine says they install in many Backcountrys they sell. (no warranty) but few if any issues. I know most off trail guys don't run studs. My fear is that ice covered corner or "brown snow & ice" hillclimb. Thoughts?
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Re: To STUD or NOT ? (version 2015)

Post by BIGFUN27 »

I have a 14 and didn't stud (yet) and I was ok last year my thoughts are that will be a long ass stud and worry about rips or pullouts
Thanks for your time!!!!!!!!
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